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Doctor Who Last Icon Maker Standing Competition
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drwho_lims is a Last Icon Maker Standing icon competition dedicted to te BBC Series Doctor Who. Every challenge you'll enter an icon using a picture relating to the show.
Each time the voting goes up, you vote for your least favourite icon(s) and a number of people will be eliminated until we have a Last Icon Maker Standing.
You must first sign up in order to participate.

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FIRST you need to JOIN the community so you wont miss any posts.
-->THEN you need to SIGN-UP. You can sign up until the voting for the first challenge goes up! When signing up you MUST put VOTE SAXON in the SUBJECT.
-->You need to get your icon in BEFORE Friday 9PM. After so, we'll put the voting up. If you miss a challenge, you're disqualified. When the voting is up, we'll ask you to vote off the WORST icon(s). The number of icons you have to vote off will vary in each round.
-->The results will be posted each SUNDAY. The makers of the icons who received the most votes will be disqualified. Yes, it's sad but that's how it works
-->Your icons must remain anonymous until the results are UP. If we see your icon anywhere else BUT HERE, you'll be DISQUALIFIED.
-->You can only use the image we give you. No other images are allowed. You can use Stock Photos, Textures and Brushes and all your pretty things that you make your icons with.
-->Your icon must fit the LJ Standard (no larger than 100x100, smaller size than 40kb). You can make still or animated icons. Also, you MUST use this format to enter.
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